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Diverse Data has more than 8 years in the marketing world, working in new business development helping assist both Large & Smaller Company's with their marketing campaigns with the targeted & up-to-date direct mail and telemarketing lists we provide.

We offer extensive knowledge in a number of industries, helping all types of companies with our direct marketing lists which include but not limited too; credit repair, credit counseling, debt settlement, student loan debt, automotive, real estate investment properties, short sales, loan modifications and much more. We work with any company regardless of their size, we have clients that operate nationwide, as well as smaller clients that can only work in certain counties or in some cases only zip codes within that state.

With Diverse Data's experience in the mortgage industry, the mortgage data we have access to help Mortgage Brokers and Banks generate any type of home loan through direct mail and/or telemarketing. One of our specialties is our pre foreclosure, lis pendens, nod (notice of default), auction and foreclosure lists. These lists are ideal to target homeowners at any stage of foreclosure, whether it's the pre foreclosure stage, before the auction sale date has been scheduled, or we can get the auction sale date to give you the opportunity right before it's scheduled.

We know the importance of establishing, building and maintaining long term business relationships through:

We want to earn your trust in order to create a successful long term business relationship and make your experience with us something to remember, not only with the results of your marketing campaign but how well we represent ourselves as a company overall.

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