(Question) How much does a direct marketing list cost?

(Answer) The cost for the Diverse Data direct marketing list is based on the number of selects chosen and the volume of the order.

(Question) How quickly can I receive the direct marketing list once I've paid?

(Answer) Turn around time for our direct marketing list is 48 hours or less depending on when payment was received.

(Question) Where and how can I search in the United States for your direct mail and telemarketing list?

(Answer) With our direct mail and telemarketing lists we can search anywhere in the United States by zip code, city, county or state.

(Question) What filters can I choose for these different direct marketing list?

(Answer) Because we offer a variety of direct marketing lists please contact us to get a specific data card for the list your interested in.

(Question) Is there a monthly subscription for the direct marketing list?

(Answer) No, there is no monthly or long term commitment for our direct marketing list and each order is done on a per order basis.

(Question) If I buy a direct marketing list this month will I get the same names when I order a new direct marketing list next month?

(Answer) No, we make sure and suppress the names and addresses from the previous direct marketing list you purchased to eliminate any duplicated names on future orders.

(Question) How often is the information on this direct marketing list updated?

(Answer) The direct marketing list gets updated weekly with any new reported information.

(Question) What information will we receive with this direct marketing list?

(Answer) You will receive any filters chosen and will be included in the file upon delivery.

(Question) How is your direct marketing list delivered?

(Answer) We deliver our direct marketing list through email in Excel or CSV format.
General Information On Ordering, Payment & Delivery Methods
We deliver the list through email in Excel or CSV format.
Our pricing is based on the volume of the order and filters used.
The information included with the list is based on the filters targeted.
We accept 2 different credit cards which are Visa and MasterCard, as well as Paypal
We can search anywhere in the United States by: States, Counties or Zip Codes.
No monthly subscription or long term commitment required, every order is a per order basis.
Expected turn around time on orders is 48 hours or less depending on when payment was received and cleared.
Depending on the list type, each list is updated weekly or monthly with any new information reported.
Upon request we can suppress your previous orders if a suppression file is provided, which means we try to eliminate any records you've purchased.
Our acceptable payment methods:

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