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Lis Pendens / NODs (Notice of Defaults)
    Filters Include:
  • Lis Pendens Filing Date
  • NOD (notice of default)
  • Transfer Amount
  • Foreclosing Loan Amount
  • Loan Amount
  • Default Amount
  • Opening Bid
  • Recording Date
  • # of Bedrooms
  • # of Bathrooms
  • Year Built
  • LTV (Loan To Value)
  • Estimated Market Value
  • Specific Lender Name(s)
  • Choose Which Property Type(s)
    • single family
    • condos/town homes
    • multi-family 1-3
    • multi-family 4+
    • manufactured home
  • Search anywhere in the U.S.A by:
    • States
    • Counties
    • Zip Codes (usually at least 10)
Information included in csv or excel file:
Name, address, city, state, zip & any filter used

***This List Has Enhanced Filters***
We will save you $$money$$ upfront on postage before you order by filtering out properties that have recently moved, vacated, filed bankruptcy.

Lis Pendens / NODs (Notice of Defaults) List Info
This Lis Pendens list and notice of defaults are ideal for Loss mitigation, loan modification, credit counselors, moving & storage, short sale opportunities and listing opportunities for real estate agents/brokers. This Lis Pendens list is typically used for direct mail, we can pinpoint the audience with our variety of filters to choose from.

This data does come from (public record). However it's enhanced by adding the following: Assessor Data: Beds, Baths Square Footage, Lot Size, Year Built, Mortgage Data: 1st lien amount, 2nd lien amount, 3rd lien amount, Estimated Market Value: AVM (automated valuation model), MLS Data: Identify if the property is currently listed for sale, Vacancy Data: identifies if anyone is living in the property, Bankruptcy data: identifies if the property is currently involved in a bankruptcy suite, NCOA: NCOA certified addresses (National Change of address) meaning if the homeowner moved and provided a forwarding address to the post office we get that updated address.

Our list is much better than public information, our list enhanced filters try to eliminate people that have recently moved, vacant or listed their house for sale, these enhancements save money up front so you don't waste any on postage mailing to those homeowners. This database is updated everyday with any new reported information. The highest success with this Lis Pendens list is through direct mail. You must have a strong mail piece to gain their interest and experienced closers for when they call in. You can get a great response but if you don't have experienced closers then the response won't play as big of a role as it would with experienced closers.

States that do not release Lis Pendens filings. Please be aware that there is a list of 16 states that do not release Lis Pendens filings. Pulling records in these states will show once they are in foreclosure process and have hit the auction block. These states only file properties with an auction date. These states are Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia & Wyoming.

Contact us today to get a count of people that have had a Lis Pendens filed within the last 30 days in your area.

Our Lists will HELP you generate New Business in All 50 states through Direct Marketing.

Alabama Lis Pendens
Alaska Lis Pendens
Arizona Lis Pendens
Arkansas Lis Pendens
California Lis Pendens
Colorado Lis Pendens
Connecticut Lis Pendens
Delaware Lis Pendens
District Of Columbia Lis Pendens
Florida Lis Pendens
Georgia Lis Pendens
Hawaii Lis Pendens
Idaho Lis Pendens
Illinois Lis Pendens
Indiana Lis Pendens
Iowa Lis Pendens
Kansas Lis Pendens

Kentucky Lis Pendens
Louisiana Lis Pendens
Maine Lis Pendens
Maryland Lis Pendens
Massachusetts Lis Pendens
Michigan Lis Pendens
Minnesota Lis Pendens
Mississippi Lis Pendens
Missouri Lis Pendens
Montana Lis Pendens
Nebraska Lis Pendens
Nevada Lis Pendens
New Hampshire Lis Pendens
New Jersey Lis Pendens
New Mexico Lis Pendens
New York Lis Pendens
North Carolina Lis Pendens

North Dakota Lis Pendens
Ohio Lis Pendens
Oklahoma Lis Pendens
Oregon Lis Pendens
Pennsylvania Lis Pendens
Rhode Island Lis Pendens
South Carolina Lis Pendens
South Dakota Lis Pendens
Tennessee Lis Pendens
Texas Lis Pendens
Utah Lis Pendens
Vermont Lis Pendens
Virginia Lis Pendens
Washington Lis Pendens
West Virginia Lis Pendens
Wisconsin Lis Pendens
Wyoming Lis Pendens

Alabama NODs (notice of defaults)
Alaska NODs (notice of defaults)
Arizona NODs (notice of defaults)
Arkansas NODs (notice of defaults)
California NODs (notice of defaults)
Colorado NODs (notice of defaults)
Connecticut NODs (notice of defaults)
Delaware NODs (notice of defaults)
District Of Columbia NODs (notice of defaults)
Florida NODs (notice of defaults)
Georgia NODs (notice of defaults)
Hawaii NODs (notice of defaults)
Idaho NODs (notice of defaults)
Illinois NODs (notice of defaults)
Indiana NODs (notice of defaults)
Iowa NODs (notice of defaults)
Kansas NODs (notice of defaults)

Kentucky NODs (notice of defaults)
Louisiana NODs (notice of defaults)
Maine NODs (notice of defaults)
Maryland NODs (notice of defaults)
Massachusetts NODs (notice of defaults)
Michigan NODs (notice of defaults)
Minnesota NODs (notice of defaults)
Mississippi NODs (notice of defaults)
Missouri NODs (notice of defaults)
Montana NODs (notice of defaults)
Nebraska NODs (notice of defaults)
Nevada NODs (notice of defaults)
New Hampshire NODs (notice of defaults)
New Jersey NODs (notice of defaults)
New Mexico NODs (notice of defaults)
New York NODs (notice of defaults)
North Carolina NODs (notice of defaults)

North Dakota NODs (notice of defaults)
Ohio NODs (notice of defaults)
Oklahoma NODs (notice of defaults)
Oregon NODs (notice of defaults)
Pennsylvania NODs (notice of defaults)
Rhode Island NODs (notice of defaults)
South Carolina NODs (notice of defaults)
South Dakota NODs (notice of defaults)
Tennessee NODs (notice of defaults)
Texas NODs (notice of defaults)
Utah NODs (notice of defaults)
Vermont NODs (notice of defaults)
Virginia NODs (notice of defaults)
Washington NODs (notice of defaults)
West Virginia NODs (notice of defaults)
Wisconsin NODs (notice of defaults)
Wyoming NODs (notice of defaults)

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